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On Sunday night, December 18th., LIQUIDISLAND IN CONCERT opened at Crossroads, a pinnacle F&B venue for gourmet food, an extensive IPA and bottled beer selection (100s of bottles, small batch drafts and IPAs) and a reputation for supporting live music!!! The live stream that was produced on-site initially faced some technical difficulties yet the broadcast came across the World Wide Web and any device, PC/Mac, Android or iOS with Internet access, could view the performance at one of 5 different web sites. Live stream production assistance and support was provided by XSplit Broadcaster, Livestream, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Ongoing music video production support is provided through our Patreon platform at and the members and fans that are TEAM LIQUIDISLAND. For more information about TEAM LIQUIDISLAND, please visit or email

The Internet broadcast channel on YouTube that showcases the live performances by LIQUIDISLAND, as well as some promo music videos for the newly released CD album, GO YOUR WAY, and a selection of animated documentary music videos that feature the songs of Keith A. Forman, BMI songwriter, as the soundtrack or theme music to the short presentations, is VISUALJEFF1. The web address is

The band webpage hosted by ReverbNation is and the management portfolio webpage hosted by ReverbNation is

You can support LIQUIDISLAND and the LIQUIDISLAND IN CONCERT tri-state tour by joining TEAM LIQUIDISLAND through our patron/sponsor/fan membership program hosted by Patreon. This online support system provides a very secure and confidential way to join VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO as a TEAM LIQUIDISLAND Partner in Prominence, with Producer credits for our high quality music video documentaries in world-wide distribution. Please review the few select membership categories and think about the level of membership mostb suitable for you, from $1.00 each month to $100.00 monthly, with a limit of 50 members only at the top tier level @ $100.00 monthly. This online system allows you to cancel at any time without any reason and as soon as you cancel – it is immediate, complete and confidential – there never are questions asked!

When you “tip” a $1.00 donation, you instantly are a member of TEAM LIQUIDISLAND and there are rewards for every level of TEAM LIQUIDISLAND Membership. Again, the webpage is


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Ken Lawver on :

Break a leg, good luck God bless.


Thanks so much. The full concert music video is now showing on YouTube and on this web site as "LIQUIDISLAND" FULL CONCERT 12 18 16. Again, thanks for your thoughts. Please visit the "TEAM LIQUIDISLAND" FAN/SPONSOR/PARTNER/PATRON webpage at - a very rewarding experience for our fans, partners, patrons and sponsors.

Jeff Pergament, Manager, "LIQUIDISLAND"

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